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Wedding and event planner

At ÀPropos Productions, we offer professional event production services that range from providing advice, to lending support in the execution of events or planning an entire affair from the ground up. Our mission: to enable those who trust us with their projects to meet their needs. Our open-portfolio services are built to be tailored to specific requests, ensuring a highly personalized experience.  We believe that our success is tied to helping our clients put together their perfect moment, whatever it may be.

Not sure if you need help with your event?

Ask yourself: do you want to work your event, or host it?

The truth is that you can't do both.

Here's a little secret: planners are those crazy people among your friends and family who can't sit still at a party. You know the ones. They're constantly filling up glasses and emptying dishes. We don't enjoy ourselves unless we're being useful. We're who you want at your event because we'll do the work while you focus on honouring your guests with your presence.

Here's what we can do to help:

Planning a wedding?

Planning a celebration or meeting?

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